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Juju Made the Deadline

Pinpointing Influence in Pinterest Ok… I am exaggerating. Juju did not make the deadline, Panagiotis and his co-authors with their hard work made the deadline. Ah, ok you caught me lying again… One of Panagiotis co-authors... Read More

Juju Big Data hits the conference scene

Though only a few weeks into 2016, the Juju Big Data team has already been busy engaging diverse communities at conferences and meetups. We’d like to share our perspective on a few of those engagements here. SCaLE 14x / UbuCon, Jan 20-24, Pasadena This year’s Southern California Linux... Read More

Now You're Charming with Layers

Charming with layers is a relatively new approach to writing charms that we, as the Juju community, are begining to use. The idea is to allow better re-use of common code in charms, more well-defined and consistent implementations of interface protocols, and generally allow charm authors to... Read More

Juju Big Data at Strata+Hadoop World

<img src= ‘https://cdn.rawgit.com/juju-solutions/bigdata-community/gh-pages/img/2015-strata-logo.png’ width=720px> Earlier this month, myself and Kevin — another member of the Juju big data team — attended the 2015 Strata+Hadoop World conference in New York City. As my first big data conference since joining the Juju team, it was an impressive experience, both running the competition... Read More